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Clinical Communiqué Episode #1: COVID-19 and acute health care

Listen: Here

In this podcast Professor Joseph Ibrahim interviews three guests from the United States of America who provide their perspectives on work and life relevant to health and aged care. We touch on topics examining the role of the individual, the group, and broader society, all with a focus on helping us to deliver better care for patients, residents and the general community.

As we produced this podcast during the COVID-19 pandemic in the USA, the interviews all touch on this topic. Our first segment is titled ‘New York, New York or Why people trump money’. Our guest is Priyesh Upreti, a senior executive with KPMG who is living and working in New York City. Our second segment is ‘Normalisation of deviance or Why turning a blind eye is dangerous.’ Our guest is Professor John Banja from the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine and Center for Ethics at Emory University in Atlanta. Our third and final segment is titled ‘Pandemics or The textbook comes alive’. Our guest is Dr Nita Madhav, the Chief Executive Officer at Metabiota who has researched and published about pandemics.

In this episode:

  • New York, New York or why people trump money

  • Normalisation of deviance or why turning a blind eye is dangerous

  • Pandemics or the textbook comes alive


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