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Clinical Communiqué Episode #11: First Nations

Listen: Here

In partnership with First Nations Peoples from clinical, education, design, and consumer advocacy backgrounds, this critical edition of the Clinical Communique presents two coroners' cases where a lack of cultural safety in the health care system led to preventable and tragic consequences. Special thanks to Mr Olli Wynyard Gonfond who narrated this episode, and Dr Jordana Stanford for her guest apperance.

This is Episode Eleven of our podcast series and features material from our March 2023 print edition of the Clinical Communiqué.

Episode Contents

  • 01:07 Editorial by Associate Professor Nicola Cunningham

  • 07:46 Guest Editorial by Ms Belinda Gibb

  • 18:33 Case #1: A culture of care by Dr Glenn Harrison

  • 28:42 Case #2: Seen but not heard by Dr Jordana Stanford

  • 40:11 Expert Commentary by Dr Olli Wynyard Gonfond: Developing cultural safety behaviours and capabilities in health care

  • 46:41 Expert Commentary by Ms Jacqui Gibson: Why cultural safety improves patient safety


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