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Clinical Communiqué Episode #12: Extubation Crisis

Listen: Here

In this episode we feature two cases of worsening upper airway swelling leading to fatal airway obstruction following routine extubation of patients after surgery. Despite many advances in airway management, extubation-related incidents have not reduced. The cases highlight the actions leading to the loss of airway protection, a failure to recognise the severity of the situation, and an inability to salvage the situation.

We also welcome a new narrator Ashleigh Redmond who is a practising registered nurse and actor. This is Episode Twelve of our podcast series and features material from our June 2023 print edition of the Clinical Communiqué.

Episode Contents

  • 01:48 Editorial by Associate Professor Nicola Cunningham

  • 06:15 Case #1: A fatal toothache by Suzanne Doherty

  • 19:54 Case #2: Pulling teeth and tubes - a cautionary tale by Dr Jack D'Arcy

  • 36:28 Expert Commentary by Dr Louise Ellard: Extubation: An assessment of risk and strategy


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