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Clinical Communiqué Episode #3: COVID-19 and Psychological Safety for Healthcare Workers.

Listen: Here

This podcast of the Clinical Communiqué presents four expert commentaries that offer guidance to health care workers on establishing and maintaining psychological safety during the pandemic. Dr Jesse Zanker writes a compelling piece about self-care and recognising vicarious trauma during COVID-19, and Dr Michelle Ananda-Rajah astutely outlines the importance of framing personal protective equipment and health care worker safety within an occupational health and safety lens. Dr Mya Cubitt and Dr Carmel Crock present their humanising perspective on leading a profession at the frontline, and Dr Neil Cunningham discusses risk and moral injury with insightful tips on creating a safe environment at work. They bring a wealth of knowledge and their own personal accounts of the pandemic to their commentaries.

Episode Contents

  • 03:21 minutes Editorial

  • 09:46 minutes Expert Commentary by Dr Jesse Zanker “Our safety is our patients’ safety”

  • 23:54 minutes Expert Commentary by Dr Michelle Ananda-Rajah “Flattening the hierarchy to keep health care workers safe”

  • 35:27 minutes Expert Commentary Dr Neil Cunningham “Risk, moral injury, and decision-making in the time of COVID-19”

  • 51:06 minutes Expert Commentary Dr Mya Cubitt and Dr Carmel Crock, “Health care leadership in COVID-19; Getting better at getting better, together”


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