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Clinical Communiqué Episode #4: Discharge from hospital and clinical handover.

Listen: Here

This podcast of the Clinical Communiqué features the important issue of clinical handover of patients to primary care. We present two cases where the multiple steps required to safely discharge the patient from hospital to home were inadequate or incomplete, leading to fatal consequences.

The content of the podcast is based on our December 2020 print edition of the Clinical Communiqué and includes an expert commentary by an Australian group of clinicians leading the way in improving clinical handover to primary care.

Episode Contents

  • 03:21 minutes Editorial

  • 09:46 minutes Case #1: Don’t ask, don’t tell

  • 23:54 minutes Case #2: An incomplete picture

  • 35:27 minutes Expert Commentary: Clinical handover to primary care – Why reframing ‘discharge summaries’ as ‘clinical handovers’ matters by Dr Katrina McLean, Dr Michael Rice, Dr Tim Leeuwenburg, and Dr Nick Tellis


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