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Clinical Communiqué Episode #5: The perils of carbon monoxide—a silent killer.

Listen: Here

Welcome to our fifth podcast episode based on the March 2021 edition of the Clinical Communiqué.

In this podcast episode we will hear about deaths due to carbon monoxide poisoning – a gas produced by the incomplete combustion of carbon-based compounds. Carbon monoxide is often referred to as the ‘silent killer’ because it is colourless, odourless, tasteless, non-irritating, and extremely toxic. Carbon monoxide poisoning is an entirely preventable illness, and if identified early enough, is wholly reversible.

Episode Contents

  • 05:28 minutes Editorial

  • 10:20 minutes Case #1: A poisonous adventure

  • 16:35 minutes Case #2: The paradox of negative pressure

  • 23:08 minutes More on the matter: Outing the problem

  • 30:21 minutes Expert Commentary: Carbon monoxide toxicity: a concise and practical overview of the pathophysiology, clinical features, and treatment of patients with carbon monoxide toxicity by Dr. Matthew Spotswood


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