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Clinical Communiqué Episode #7: Paediatric Appendicitis

Listen: Here

Welcome to Episode Seven of the Clinical Communiqué podcast, titled Paediatric Appendicitis.

This podcast is based on the September 2021 edition of the Clinical Communiqué.

In this podcast episode we look at paediatric appendicitis - the most common cause of acute abdomen in children, and we describe cases where delays in diagnosis and treatment tragically resulted in death.

The expert commentary by paediatric surgeon Dr Susan Adams, offers a pragmatic and insightful approach to the assessment of children with abdominal pain, with key points that help to raise awareness of the most reliable red flags in diagnosing appendicitis.

Episode Contents

  • 04:33 minutes Editorial by Dr Nicola Cunningham

  • 10:28 minutes Case #1: A paediatric perforation

  • 21:10 minutes Case #2: Hoofbeats aren’t always horses

  • 30:02 minutes Expert Commentary by Dr Susan Adams: Children get tummy aches


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