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Clinical Communiqué Episode #9: 20 Years of Patient Safety Part One

Listen: Here

Welcome to Episode Nine of the Clinical Communiqué podcast, titled ’20 Years of Patient Safety.’ This podcast is split into three parts and is based on the June 2022 edition of the Clinical Communiqué.

This three-part podcast episode showcases a unique collection of expert commentaries about patient safety, featuring some of the most remarkable experts from the fields of medicine, law, ethics, and clinical governance. They all have in common a strong commitment to improving patient safety with extensive careers that have seen many challenges and changes take place in this incredibly complex area of work, and they have very generously shared their insights with us.

Episode Contents Part 1

  • 01:43 An anthology of patient safety expert commentaries by Associate Professor Nicola Cunningham

  • 06:50 Editorial by Associate Professor Nicola Cunningham

  • 23:06 Expert Commentary by Dr Annie Moulden: Come so far but still so far to go

  • 28:15 Expert Commentary by Associate Professor Caroline Brand: Ensuring we don’t fall short on safety – reflections of a health service researcher and clinician


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