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Future Leaders Communiqué Episode #10: Transfers from critical care units

Listen: Here

Welcome to Episode #10 of the Future Leaders Communiqué podcast. In this episode, we reflect on the journey a complex patient as they transition from an Intensive Care Unit to ward-based care. A breakdown in communication during this transition is the first in a cascade of events that ultimately ends in the patient’s death. In the episode we explore relevant issues in the management of critically unwell patients and the safe transition of care between clinical teams.

Episode Contents

  • 00:00 Guest Editorial by Dr Tiffany Tie

  • 05:08 Editorial by Dr Brendan Morrissey

  • 08:58 Case #1: Lost in translation by Dr Tiffany Tie

  • 21:42 Expert Commentary #1: Fluid & electrolyte management by Associate Professor Bruce Lister

  • 28:02 Expert Commentary #2: Handover by Associate Professor Bruce Lister

  • 30:24 Expert Commentary #3: Escalating care in the deteriorating patient by Dr Resy Van Beek

  • 36:17 Comments from our peers


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