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Future Leaders Communiqué Episode #3: Clinical documentation and handover.

Listen: Here

This podcast of the Future Leaders Communiqué presents a case based on an inquest into the death of a six-year-old boy from a readily treatable illness due to inadequate documentation, poor communication, and sub-standard care.

The content of the podcast is based on our October 2020 print edition with Dr Samantha Walker as guest editor. In this podcast we explore what the quality of clinical documentation and handover reveals about the treating team, and how improving it will reflect better on our professionalism, in addition to helping our patients.

Episode Contents

  • 02:46 minutes Guest Editorial with Dr Samantha Walker

  • 08:45 minutes Editorial with Dr Brendan Morrissey

  • 11:50 minutes Case Report Dr Samantha Walker “Write as though a person's life depends on it”

  • 34:38 minutes Expert Commentary by Dr Nick ThiesMedical record writing is an art which can enhance knowledge and experience and contribute to efficient and safe patient care”

  • 44:39 minutes Expert Commentary by Rocky Ruperto,The art of describing the case: Communication and clinical record-keeping”

  • 54:04 minutes Comments From Our Peers


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