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Future Leaders Communiqué Episode #6: Opioid - Escalation of Care

Listen: Here

This episode of the Future Leaders Communiqué podcast presents the coroner’s case of Mr A, a 53-year-old man admitted to hospital with severe neck pain who was found dead in his hospital bed three days later. The episode examines two topics central to patient safety: iatrogenic injury, and barriers to escalation of care. The content is based on the July 2021 print edition, guest-edited by Dr Kate Charters. Episode Contents

  • 01:27 minutes Introduction

  • 02:30 minutes Guest editorial by Kate Charters

  • 07:56 minutes Editorial by Dr Brendan Morrissey

  • 12:36 minutes Case report: Prioritising closure and disclosure

  • 29:30 minutes Expert Commentary: Don't give more if it makes them snore by Dr Anna Korin, Emergency Medicine Physician Alfred Health

  • 38:22 minutes Expert Commentary: Time to extend our medication safety net by Anne Leversha, Senior Lecturer, Monash University, Faculty of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences

  • 45:32 minutes Comments From Our Peers


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