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Future Leaders Communiqué Episode #7: Family Communication

Listen: Here

Welcome to Episode Seven of our podcast series. This features material from our October 2021 print edition of the Future Leaders Communiqué.

This podcast explores the importance of communication, clinician accountability and ethical practice at all stages of the health professional-patient relationship. This is explored through the case of a patient diagnosed with metastatic cancer who died in acute and unexpected circumstances.

There are two commentaries, the first discusses the complexity and life-long need to continue developing communication skills and the second explores the ethical concerns surrounding clinician accountability. Episode Contents

  • 00:00 minutes Introduction

  • 01:12 minutes Guest editorial by Dr Emily Lin

  • 05:11 minutes Editorial by Dr Brendan Morrissey

  • 8:33 minutes Case: Prioritising closure and disclosure

  • 23:24 minutes Expert Commentary: Agility in clinical communication: a critical lifelong learning for all doctors by Professor Michelle Leech

  • 29:57 minutes Expert Commentary: The ethics of clinician accountability in healthcare practice by Professor Justin Oakley

  • 40:09 minutes Comments From Our Peers


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