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Future Leaders Communiqué Episode #9: Asplenia

Listen: Here

Welcome to Episode Nine of our Podcast Series.

A preventable death of a six-year-old child is a tragedy. We highlight some of the lessons to be learned from this case, to inform and evolve your clinical practice in timely recognition, and management of sepsis in children. Two expert commentaries address post-splenectomy infections and an approach to the asplenic patient.

Editorial Content

  • 01:15 Editorial by Brendan Morrissey

  • 05:09 Case #1 Asplenia—think sepsis by Dr David Brough

  • 18:16 Expert Commentary #1: Overwhelming Post-Splenectomy Infection – Tips and Traps for Junior Doctors by Associate Professor Merrole Cole-Sinclair

  • 27:39 Expert Commentary: An Approach to the Asplenic Patient by Professor Clare Nourse

  • 31:54 Comments from our peers

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