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Future Leaders Communiqué Volume 2 Issue 1 January 2017

  • Guest Editorial

  • Editorial

  • Case: We looked but did not see

  • Thoughtful history taking

  • Comments from our peers

Welcome to the second issue of the Future Leaders Communiqué and the first for 2017. We were thrilled by the response we received to the launch of the first issue of the Future Leaders Communiqué, and we are excited about the line-up of guest editors that we have for you this year.

Our guest editor for this issue is Dr Hannah Cross who has just completed her second post-graduate year at a large metropolitan hospital and will commence the psychiatry training program this year. Dr Cross has a background in law and a key interest in psychiatry, ethics and forensic medicine. She writes a powerful reflective editorial about her own experiences around the issue of missed diagnoses and the dangers of making assumptions. We are fortunate to have an expert commentary from Professor Daniel O’Connor, Deputy Chief Psychiatrist, Aged Persons Mental Health.

Professor O’Connor provides unique insights about the management of vulnerable patients, a topic that is very relevant to junior health professionals.


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