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Future Leaders Communiqué Volume 3 Issue 1 January 2018

  • Guest Editorial

  • Editorial

  • Case: It’s all too confusing

  • Outsmarting groupthink

  • Take care in the opioid naïveIs it necessary?

  • Comments from our peers

Welcome to the sixth issue of the Future Leaders Communiqué. Our guest editor for this issue is Dr Joey Lam; a doctor undertaking physician training in rural and regional Victoria. Originally trained as a physiotherapist in acute aged care and rehabilitative medicine, Joey continues to dedicate her career to learning and exploring ways to deliver better health outcomes and care for older people.

Aside from her work here with the Future Leaders Communiqué, she is an advocate for the Vietnamese-Australian community with a particular focus on issues relating to social support and welfare of the aged. She is also a keen public speaker and regularly provides health promotion and education sessions to at-risk groups such as recent migrants and the elderly. This issue addresses the multiple clinical challenges we see in managing patients over a long period of time with multiple different individuals and teams. We are fortunate to have three expert commentaries in this issue:

  • Dr McDonough, an addiction specialist, who explores the principles of Quality Use of Medicines;

  • Dr Shelly Jeffcott, a psychologist and Human Factors expert, who writes about ‘groupthink’; and

  • Natali Jokanovic, a clinical pharmacist, who looks at pain management in the older person.


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