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Future Leaders Communiqué Volume 5 Issue 1 January 2020

  • Guest Editorial

  • Editorial

  • Case: The Perils of Clinical Handover

  • Post-Operative Complications in Cervical Spine Surgery

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  • Comments From Our Peers

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In this edition of Future Leaders Communiqué, we present a case where the patient required multiple clinicians from different subspecialties to share and coordinate his care.

Our expert commentary explores the potential complications following decompressive cervical spine surgery noting that the post-operative care of a patient following cervical spine surgery is not a common experience for many clinicians.

Effective communication when we are outside our sphere of experience is often an elusive challenge for all clinician. There are lessons for us all in traversing this fraught area; from recognition of ‘red flags’ in the post-operative course to acknowledging and communicating our inexperience to our fellow clinicians.


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