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Future Leaders Communiqué Volume 5 Issue 4 October 2020

  • Guest Editorial

  • Editorial

  • Case: Write as though a person's life depends on it

  • Medical record writing is an art which can enhance knowledge and experience and contribute to efficient and safe patient care

  • The art of describing the case: Communication and clinical record-keeping

  • Comments From Our Peers


Welcome to the fourth edition of the Future Leaders Communiqué for 2020. This year continues to challenge us all both personally and professionally. What has been required of us in 2020 is constant change. Borne from necessity, our practice has evolved at a fantastic rate to meet the demands of the pandemic. The rapid evolution of our clinical practice over such a short period has been made possible by examining our patient care, and sharing the lessons learned openly, with the explicit aim of improvement. This speaks to a core conviction of the Future Leaders Communiqué – that sharing lessons learned in the course of clinical practice can improve patient safety and care. It is with this in mind that we are very proud to bring you our latest edition.

In this edition our guest editor, Dr Samantha Walker, will be discussing a coroner’s investigation into the tragic death of a 6-year-old boy following delays in the diagnosis and management of bacterial sepsis. This case allows us to reflect on the importance of clinical handover and documentation in our everyday practice. These are both cornerstones of safe patient care, but too often are underserved – left wanting as the demands on our time and attention are drawn elsewhere.

The two expert commentaries in this edition focus on the themes of documentation and communication. Samantha has drawn on the expertise of Dr Nick Thies, Paediatrician, Warnambool Hospital, who provides a thoughtful piece on the importance of the medical record. Dr Susan Hertzberg, Senior Medical Adviser, Avant Mutual and Rocky Ruperto, Legal and Policy Officer, Avant Mutual, contribute a second commentary to this edition, offering a reflection on the art of clinical communication and record-keeping.


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