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Managing Dignity of Risk Challenges in Residential Aged Care WORKSHOP

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Workshop Description

This essential workshop is designed for executives, senior managers, clinicians and relevant personnel to provide a systematic approach to examining the issues of how to manage risks for older residents living in residential aged care facilities. Balancing staff and organizational responsibilities of duty of care with the residents’ rights and choice in Dignity of Risk.

It is important for individuals to be supported in making choices – this requires identifying, providing and communicating the available options, the potential consequences and the nature of support a RACS is able to provide.

Improving practice by using a systematic approach addressing the key steps should reduce the potential for adverse professional and legal repercussions. It also enables the resident, families and staff to better cope with respecting choices when a known harmful outcome eventuates.

The capacity of aged care organisations to apply the principles of “Dignityof Risk” into practice requires drawing on a range of essential components within multiple disciplines. Specifically, effective consumer centred care, risk management, understanding trajectories of the diseases of older persons, communication with family and staff, understanding decision-making in cognitively impaired persons and working with organisational and societal policies and laws.

Participant outcomes

  • Gain an understanding of “Dignity of Risk” principles and how this is intended to improve the quality of life of older people.

  • Gain an understanding of a process for implementing an individual’s ‘Dignity of Risk’ choice.

  • Gain the knowledge to determine and address the barriers to promoting acceptance and sustainability of “Dignity of Risk” for improving quality of life and safer care.

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