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RAC Communiqué Episode #6: COVID19 pandemic and its continuing impact in aged care homes.

Listen: Here

This first part of this podcast of the Residential Aged Care Communiqué Dr Chelsea Baird describes several case reports of COVID19 in older persons highlighting the atypical presentations and challenges of management.

The second part of the podcast provides brief summaries of recent important inquiries into the management of COVID-19 outbreaks in aged care.

Episode Contents

  • 03:21 minutes Editorial

  • 06:49 minutes Case #1 That’s not COVID-19”

  • 11:42 minutes Case #2 Challenges of isolation and environment”

  • 17:26 minutes Case #3 COVID-19 and mental health”

  • 19:02 minutes Report into Newmarch House COVID-19 Outbreak

  • 27:28 minutes Amnesty International’s report “As If Expendable”

  • 33:20 minutes Royal Commission’s “Aged care and COVID-19: a special report”

  • 36:12 minutes Ontario’s “Long-Term Care COVID-19 Commission”

  • 38:19 minutes Clinical Screening Tool for COVID-19 in Residential Aged Care Facilities


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