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RAC Communiqué Episode #8: RRA and DBMAS

Listen: Here

Welcome to Episode Eight of our podcast series. This features material from our May 2021 edition of the Residential Aged Care Communiqué. This podcast focuses on harm resulting from resident-on-resident interactions. We present two cases where the deaths occurred and an expert commentary which explains the role of Dementia Support Australia, an organisation that provides clinical support in managing complex behaviours of people with dementia. Our narrator for this episode is Will Thomas.

Episode Contents

  • 03:23 minutes Editorial

  • 05:34 minutes Case #1: In my room

  • 14:09 minutes Case #2: Not so Great Expectations

  • 28:24 minutes Expert Commentary #1: Who do I call? DBMAS

  • 34:08 minutes Expert Commentary #2: A geriatrician talks to a psychiatrist


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