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Residential Aged Care Communiqué Episode #16: Wheelchair Fall

Listen: Here

This podcast episode presents the results of the investigation into the premature death of a resident who had a fall from a runaway wheelchair. The three commentaries draw on clinical and research experts to address how to balance improving mobility with a wheelchair while mitigating potential harm. We also welcome a new narrator Ashleigh Redmond who is a practising registered nurse and actor. 

This is Episode Sixteen of our podcast series and features material from our May 2023 print edition of the Residential Aged Care Communiqué.

Episode Contents

  • 01:22 Editorial

  • 05:15 Case A fatal downhill slope

  • 15:11 Commentary: Falls of wheelchair users: what do we know?

  • 19:18 Commentary: Call an OT

  • 26:00 Commentary: Looking deeper

  • 27:49 Reflections of senior nurses


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