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Residential Aged Care Communiqué Volume 10, Issue 1, Feb 2015

In this edition

  • Editorial

  • Case #1 – But at the length truth will out

  • Commentary #1 – Culture and Governance

  • Commentary #2 – Walking, wayfinding or wandering

  • Commentary #3 – Death Investigations

  • Resources


Welcome to the first issue of the RAC Communiqué for 2015. This contains one new case that you are probably already aware of involving a failure to disclose a reportable death of a resident to the Coroners Court of Victoria. The case raises many issues some of which include open disclosure, the reporting of deaths to the coroner, organisational culture and, the management of persons with dementia and their environment. The title of the case, ‘truth will out’, is a phrase from Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice (1596) teaching us that the truth will always be discovered.

These are core matters for all providers and staff of Residential Aged Care Services to consider and reflect upon. We are fortunate to have A/Prof David Ranson, one of our most experienced forensic pathologists in Australia walk us through the case, and explain aspects of the investigation.

There is an enlightening commentary from Cathy Balding who has written, researched, practiced and advised about governance and quality of care. Lyndal Bugeja gives a brief overview of the death investigation process at the Coroners Court of Victoria and Elizabeth Beattie has a practical analysis and discussion of the management of people with dementia who like to walk.

I remind our readers that our sister publication has returned and another issue is due out shortly so remember to subscribe to the CLINICAL COMMUNIQUÉ.


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