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Residential Aged Care Communiqué Volume 11 Issue 3 August 2016

In this edition


Case #1 – In care but not ‘in care’

Case #2 – Keep me informed

Write to us to celebrate a decade of the RAC Communiqué

Commentary – Leaving home

List of Resources


Welcome to the third issue of 2016. This issue focuses on some of the legal aspects of providing care for older people. Specifically, the two cases examine situations involving a guardian or another surrogate decision maker. The involvement of a third party sometimes over complicates an already difficult situation and increases the potential for misunderstandings. At other times it is a relief to have an objective third party involved who will help to break a deadlock situation or be the much needed advocate for a vulnerable person.

Phil Grano OAM provides the expert commentary in this issue. Phil is the Principal Legal Officer, Office of the Public Advocate in Victoria, and has written an engaging article so don’t be put off by his legal background. I am sure you will enjoy reading it as it will open your eyes to the issues facing the people who take on the role of being a guardian.

The 10-Year Anniversary of the RAC Communiqué is being celebrated at a seminar in Victoria on Friday 28-Oct 2016. The seminar is about engaging frontline staff and the speakers will address topics about how health and aged care staff seek, access and use information. Keynote presenters include her Honour Audrey Jamieson who has a background in nursing and is a full-time Coroner at the Coroners Court of Victoria, the Australia’s Aged Care Complaints Commissioner Rae Lamb and the comedian, broadcaster, novelist Rachel Berger.


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