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Residential Aged Care Communiqué Volume 15 Issue 1 February 2020

In this edition

  • Editorial

  • Case #1 Beyond our control

  • Case #2 We did our best

  • Expert Commentary Working in an adverse social context

  • Expert Commentary Impact of Chronic Stress on - Cognition and the Brain

  • Expert Commentary Surviving work when under fire - a personal reflection

  • Expert Commentary The IDDSI Framework

  • Volunteers to test pilot podcasts of RAC-Communiqué

  • List of Resources


Welcome to the first issue of 2020, in this edition of the RAC-Communique we present the investigations into the deaths of one resident choking and, another from mixed prescription drug sedation. In both cases the coroner determined the residential aged care facility had provided care to the best of their ability.

These cases highlight that inquiries and investigations are about identifying the facts and not apportioning blame. We hope these two examples counterbalance the prevailing community view from 2019 that casts the whole aged sector in a negative light.

While some criticisms our sector are well founded, what is often forgotten is the impact on the individual staff. We have three commentaries about working in a high stress environment. Our experts provide viewpoints of a nurse, neuropsychologist and organisational psychologist which the address the adverse impacts and how to cope. The fourth commentary is clinically focused. Julie Cichero addresses issues around choking, food consistency, and the importance of a standardised systems approach.

Finally, we need your help. We are seeking expressions of interest from subscribers to help us test a pilot podcast of the RAC-Communiqué.


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