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About the Clinical Communiqué

Welcome to The Communiqués Podcasts.


The objectives of The Communiqués are to develop, produce and distribute electronic educational publications that encourage clinical practice changes for the benefit of patients, residents, health and aged care services and the whole community.


Over half of our subscribers attribute a change in their clinical practice due to The Communiqués. The print versions and these podcasts present cases of premature and preventable deaths that occur in health and aged care settings. We explore 1) What happened? 2) Why did it happen? 3) What action can we take to prevent it from happening again?


The cases are the accounts from completed medico-legal death investigations of the Coroners Courts, and our team of senior medical and nursing practitioners present the coronial information in a manner and format that is familiar to clinicians.


Our three publications are the Clinical Communiqué focussing on acute care, the Future Leaders Communiqué designed for recent health graduates, and the Residential Aged Care Communiqué which examines preventable deaths in aged care or nursing homes.

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