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About the Clinical Communiqué

The Clinical Communiqué is an electronic publication containing narrative case reports about lessons learned from Coroners’ investigations into preventable deaths in acute hospital and community settings. The Clinical Communiqué is written by clinicians, for clinicians. The Clinical Communiqué was first published in 2003.


Twenty-one editions were released before it went into a hiatus in 2009-2013 due to resource constraints. It was re-launched in September 2014. The goal is to improve the awareness of health care professionals, clinicians and managers about the nature and circumstances of the systems failures that contributed to patient adverse events.


The Clinical Communiqué employs an innovative and collaborative approach that is designed to improve patient care through awareness and education. The Clinical Communiqué is published free, distributed electronically every quarter, and uses cases from local, interstate, and international jurisdictions to explore the challenges that clinicians face every day in providing clinical care.


Each edition identifies key themes that are vital to improving patient safety. Cases taken from inquest findings are presented in a readily accessible format, with commentaries provided by experts in the field. 

Latest Editions

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