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Clinical Communiqué Episode #8: Fall Injuries in Older Adults

Listen: Here

Welcome to Episode Eight of the Clinical Communiqué podcast, titled ‘Fall injuries in older adults.’

This podcast is based on the March 2022 edition of the Clinical Communiqué.

In this podcast we look at some of the specific challenges clinicians face in assessing older patients following a fall where the extent of injury was not fully appreciated until it was too late.

The expert commentary by Dr Glenn Arendts provides practical measures to deal with the low signal/high noise scenario of a fall in the older patient, with a key focus on the importance of retiring a commonly used phrase to reduce the risk of anchoring bias in the clinical care of these patients.

Episode Contents

  • 02:20 Editorial by Dr Nicola Cunningham

  • 06:54 Case #1: Don’t fall for it: Fall injuries in the older person are serious

  • 15:09 Case #2: Tunnel vision strikes again

  • 21:04 More on the Matter: From up high or down low

  • 25:06 Expert Commentary by Dr Glenn Arendts: The trips and traps of falls


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