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Clinical Communiqué Volume 6 Issue 3 September 2019

In this edition

  • Editorial

  • Case #1 Informing the delivery

  • Case #2 Getting all the fax

  • Expert Commentary Digital Health – keeping patients safe


Welcome to the third edition of the Clinical Communiqué for 2019. In this edition we present two cases - Baby AE and Mr M, where shortcomings in the interface between humans and technological systems slowed or distorted the transmission of information (diagnostic test results), contributing to their deaths. Our expert commentary, which has been jointly written by two leading researchers in the field of medical informatics and digital health, explores these shortcomings further, and offers sage advice on how to improve our communication systems. Technological advances in diagnostic testing only benefit our patients when there are robust systems in place for the delivery and receipt of those results.

Associate Professor Farah Magrabi, an engineer by training, has conducted extensive research into the causes, consequences and outcomes of adverse events arising from digital technologies in health care. Professor Andrew Georgiou is a health and pathology informatics researcher who has published widely in quality and safety, outcomes measurement, and organisational communication. With particular reference to this edition, his work has included system specific issues in the communication of critical test results.


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