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Residential Aged Care Communiqué Volume 15 Special Issue 1.2 April 2020

In this edition

  • Editorial

  • Case Report

  • Aspects of COVID-19 that are not so obvious

  • Meeting the challenges ahead requires speculation

  • Resources


This is a special edition of the Residential Aged Care Communiqué. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world as we know it. The challenges ahead for residential aged care services are profound.

We have all seen the distressing pictures from Spain where RACS were abandoned and the military had to move in to provide the support. As a sector we are amazingly robust in our capacity to care, problem solve and work together. We need those qualities now, more than ever.

As I write, the ABC News is reporting that 17 RACS are affected with 41 staff or residents diagnosed with COVID-19. We need to learn as much and as quickly as we can about what happened in these RACS. We need to understand how and why these occurred, how these were managed and what we can do next time.

This RAC-Communiqué edition presents a sobering case report from the United States of America, describes the not so obvious aspects about the COVID-19 pandemic, and four potential scenarios for RACS to consider in our planning.


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