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Future Leaders Communiqué Episode #4: Prevention of suicide.

Listen: Here

This podcast of the Future Leaders Communiqué presents a case based on an inquest into the death of a young woman from suicide who had present on multiple occasion to different health services seeking help. All to no avail.

The content of the podcast is based on our January 2021 print edition which was with Dr Daniel Grose as guest editor. In this podcast we have a contribution from the family and expert commentaries describing what clinicians could do to mitigate the risk of error in assessing and managing patients presenting with mental health issues.

Episode Contents

  • 01:29 minutes Introduction

  • 04:34 minutes Guest editorial by Dr Daniel Grose, editorial by Dr Brendan Morrissey and guest commentary by Violet Tregonning

  • 10:50 minutes Case Report Dr Daniel Grosse “Who cares?”

  • 25:42 minutes Expert Commentary by Associate Professor Jonathan Knott “The system is broken”

  • 34:29 minutes Expert Commentary by Dr Evan Symons “Care of the acutely suicidal patient”

  • 41:50 minutes Comments From Our Peers

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