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Future Leaders Communiqué Episode #5: Pregnancy and PE

Listen: Here

This podcast of the Future Leaders Communiqué presents a case based on an inquest into the death of a pregnant woman who presented to an emergency department with ‘rib pain’, only to later die of an undiagnosed pulmonary embolism. The content of the podcast is based on our April 2021 print edition, with Dr Vincent Wong as guest editor. In this podcast, we have expert commentaries describing what clinicians can do to recognise the limitations of their clinical experience, and how best to utilise the safety net of senior supervision. Episode Contents

  • 01:29 minutes Introduction

  • 04:34 minutes Guest editorial by Dr Vincent Wong, editorial by Dr Brendan Morrissey

  • 10:50 minutes Case Report: How do you know when you need to ask for help?

  • 25:42 minutes Expert Commentary: Be wise and confess to ignorance by Dr Nhi Nguyen

  • 34:29 minutes Expert Commentary: Keeping an eye on junior doctors’ clinical blindspots by Associate Professor Julia Harrison

  • 41:50 minutes Comments From Our Peers


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