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Future Leaders Communiqué Episode #8: Teamwork Part 1

Listen: Here

Welcome to Episode Eight of our Podcast Series. This is the first part of a two-part collection featuring material from our January 2022 print edition of the Future Leaders Communiqué.

A core element of the success in providing the healthcare our patients deserve is "teamwork" – the theme of this two-part podcast. In this first part, we present two case reports reflecting on the importance of communication within teams. The case reports are complemented by an expert commentary from Dr Shelly Jeffcott entitled ‘Dysfunctions affecting teams and teamwork’.

Episode Contents

  • 00:00 Editorial

  • 04:24 Case #1 Closing the loop

  • 08:26 Case #2 It’s all too confusing

  • 14:04 Expert Commentary #1: Dysfunctions affecting teams and teamwork


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