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Future Leaders Communiqué Episode #8: Teamwork Part 2

Listen: Here

Welcome to Episode Nine of our Podcast Series. This is the second part of a two-part collection featuring material from our January 2022 print edition of the Future Leaders Communiqué.

In this second part we provide a collection of commentaries that include frank and honest views from a junior medical doctor and an allied health professional. These are accompanied by an expert commentary recognising the important role of junior doctors in promoting patient safety provided by Prof. Joe Ibrahim.

Editorial Content

  • 00:00 Commentary #1: Views from the inside

  • 04:44 Commentary #2: Views from the outside

  • 09:24 Commentary #3: Teams over five decades

  • 14:20 Expert Commentary #2: Junior medical staff and patient safety

  • 17:58 Comments from our peers


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