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Medical Student Communiqué Episode #1: Medical protocols

Listen: Here


  • 00:00 Introduction Guest Editor Dalyia Abu-Ghazaleh

  • 01:12 Case report

  • 05:00 What is a medical protocol? Vox pop

  • 06:05 Purpose of medical protocols

  • 07:15 Origins of protocols: aviation industry

  • 08:20 Protocols are not an absolute

  • 09:30 Better use and questioning of protocols

  • 10:26 Closing

Based on our October 2016 issue of the Future Leaders Communiqué Volume(1) Issue(1) guest edited by Dr Nick Lonergan. This podcast hosted by medical student, Dalyia Abu-Ghazaleh (Griffith University), explores how unquestioning adherence to medical protocols could lead to patient harm.

Read the print edition for the detailed case report of the death of a patient that occurred in part, due to the strict adherence of local protocols and provides three expert commentaries about the benefits and potential dangers of medical protocols.


Writer, narrator, producer, and director: Dalyia Abu-Ghazaleh

Editor: Mia Gvozdic

Producer: Dr Erica Musgrove

Executive Producers: Dr Nicola Cunningham, Prof Joseph Ibrahim, Dr Brendan Morrissey


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