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Medical Student Communiqué Episode #2: Communicating when uncertain

Listen: Here


  • 00:00 Introduction Guest Editors Jacqueline Lim and Gweneth Ng

  • 01:00 Case report of coronial inquest into the death of a 65-year-old man

  • 04:00 Reflections on case with Dr Danielle Panaccio

  • 08:00 Impact of COVID pandemic on clinical work

  • 10:00 Tips for medical students to practice now

  • 12:15 Views of junior doctors on work culture and managing uncertainty

  • 14:05 Wrap-up

Based on our October 2018 issue of the Future Leaders Communiqué Volume(3) Issue(4) guest edited by Dr Danielle Panaccio. This podcast is hosted by two medical students, Jacqueline Lim (University of Sydney) and Gweneth Ng (Deakin University), it explores how difficulties in recognising and communicating abnormal results from laboratory and imaging investigations leads to significant patient harm.

Read the print edition which explores in detail the coroner’s inquest into missed red flags, resulting in missed opportunities to diagnose and treat a life-threatening condition. The edition also includes reflections of Dr Danielle Panaccio as a junior doctor herself, as well as expert commentaries about how team hierarchy and the gaps in communication between members of a team impact on clinical care.


Writer, narrator, producer and director: Jacqueline Lim and Gweneth Ng

Guest interviewee: Dr Danielle Panaccio

Editor: Mia Gvozdic

Producer: Dr Erica Musgrove

Executive Producers: Dr Nicola Cunningham, Prof Joseph Ibrahim, Dr Brendan Morrissey


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