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RAC Communiqué Episode #5: Bleach baths and the dangers of off-label medication use.

Listen: Here

This podcast of the Residential Aged Care Communiqué presents a complex case where a resident was treated with bleach bath. It has multiple dimensions including pain management, an organisations capability in the use of off-script medication and when good intentions lead to harm. Dr Shelly Jeffcott, an expert in human factors psychology explains the importance of building our non-technical skills. Angela Casey reinforces the importance of pain management especially in persons with dementia and an experienced pharmacist in aged care Dr Natali Jokanovic discuss the merits of off-label therapy and medication management.

Episode Contents

  • 02:49 minutes Editorial

  • 04:43 minutes Case Report Dr Chelsea Baird “Two halves do not equal one”

  • 22:10 minutes Expert Commentary by Dr Shelly Jeffcott, “Building our non-technical skills”

  • 29:59 minutes Expert Commentary by RN Angela Casey “Recognition and reporting of pain and changing health status of residents”

  • 36:34 minutes Expert Commentary by Dr Natali Jokanovic “Off-label therapy and medication management”


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