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RAC Communiqué Episode #7: Medication Safety

Listen: Here

Welcome to Episode Seven of this podcast series which features material from our February 2021 edition of the Residential Aged Care Communiqué.

This podcast focuses on medication safety in aged care homes. We present two cases where the deaths of aged care facility residents were investigated by the Coroners Court. Dr. Huong Nguyen gives us a case precis of a death involving missed doses of anticonvulsant medication. This is followed by Dr. Supriya Rama Krishnan’s case precis of a death involving inadvertent administration of the wrong medication.

The podcast concludes with a commentary on a systems approach to improve medication management by two experts from Safer Care Victoria, Dr. Raphaela Schnittker, a Human Factors Specialist, and Ms. Jen Morris.

Episode Contents

  • 02:29 minutes Editorial

  • 04:48 minutes Case #1: The fax of the matter

  • 14:51 minutes Case #2: An interrupted drug round

  • 22:58 minutes Expert Commentary: Human Factors and Medication Safety


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