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RACC Webinar Series Episode #2: ‘But the resident didn’t want to go to ED’

The dilemma: Who decides when an unwell resident with dementia should go to the Emergency Department?

Keynote Speaker Linda McAuliffe is a research psychologist with ACEBAC (the Australian Centre for Evidence Based Aged Care) located at La Trobe University, Victoria. Her main research interests include the psychological health of older adults and their family caregivers, pain and dementia, and sexuality in older adults.

Panel Members Dr Lisa Clinnick is a senior nurse manager, university lecturer and researcher. She is currently working with PRSRACS (Public Sector Residential Aged Care Services) performance and operations team..

Dr Linda Appiah-Kubi is a geriatrician working at Western Health and is director of training for the western alliance of the Victorian Geriatric Medicine Training Program.


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