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RACC Webinar Series Episode #3: ‘Let me eat what I want!’

The dilemma: Choking risk or safety: who decides what a resident with dementia may eat?

Keynote Speaker Dr John Chesterman is the Public Advocate for Queensland and works to promote and protect the rights of adults with impaired decision-making ability. He is a lawyer and historian by training with expertise in human rights, adult safeguarding, guardianship, supported decision making, powers of attorney and elder abuse.

Panel Members Jane Newbound is a registered nurse with over 20 years’ experience in the aged care sector, most recently working with Victorian palliative care services in project management and aged care advisory roles.

Dr Amelia Crabtree is a consultant geriatrician working at Alfred Health in Melbourne and is also the Clinical Lead for Older People at Safer Care Victoria, Department of Health.


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