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Residential Aged Care Communiqué Volume 14 Issue 3 August 2019

In this edition

  • Editorial

  • Case Report Poor healing requires action

  • Expert Commentary #1 Open disclosure in RACS

  • Expert Commentary #2 Active Listening

  • Expert Commentary #3 Good wound care

  • Expert Commentary #4 Partnering in healthcare

  • Resources


Welcome to our fifty-first edition and the third issue of 2019. It is another landmark edition for this publication coinciding with the launch of our new design and revamped website. Our sister publications Clinical Communiqué (June 2019) and the Future Leaders Communiqué (July 2019) have led the way with the new format. While the style has changed the content remains unchanged; that is, designed to engage, educate and motivate better from the lessons learned from investigation of resident deaths in aged care settings.

This edition focuses on a case of a resident with multiple wounds. Many people were involved in the provision of care over many months, and yet the actions needed to provide definitive care did not happen.

The case highlights multiple aspects of clinical care, team work, communication, deference to experts and demonstrates the complexities of delivering this in a residential aged care setting. These are challenges we face every day and many aspects are addressed in the new Aged Care Quality Commission’s National Standards.

There are four expert commentaries that examine different aspects of care raised in the case summary. Penny Eden, Partner, MinterEllison Brisbane QLD returns to give a perspective on open disclosure, the approach to being open and transparent when adverse outcomes occur, which is a fundamental part of clinical governance. Kylie McKenzie, a senior clinical psychologist, brings new insights to help us better communicate with each other and the families of residents. Ayoub Bouguettaya and Carolina Weller provide an easy to read and short background to the national Standards for Wound Prevention and Management. Wound care is a field that continues to evolve rapidly and a fundamental part of clinical practice, especially in aged care. The fourth commentary highlights the importance of partnerships for delivering optimal care.

We hope you enjoy the new look of the RAC Communiqué.


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