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Residential Aged Care Communiqué Volume 17 Issue 3 August 2022

In this edition

  • Editorial

  • Case #1: Four Tales

  • Views from our nursing colleagues (Case #1)

  • Commentary: A literal approach: recall bias

  • Commentary: Contemplating care: quality improvement rounds

  • Case #2: Falling off the chair

  • Views from our nursing colleagues (Case #2)

  • Commentary: See an aside: cognitive testing

  • Commentary: Drawing parallels: beyond the case

  • List of Resources

Two deaths due to head trauma related to use of a mechanical hoist and a lift chair could happen in any aged care home. The lessons for improving practice go beyond the actual cases as illustrated by the accompanying reflective exercises. Commentaries provide insights into recall bias, quality improvement rounds, cognitive testing and parallels with motorised mobility scooters.


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