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Short Course: Forensic Geriatric Medicine

Register now for a short course in Forensic Geriatric Medicine

Presented by VIFM and Monash University on Fri-8 and Sat-9 November 2019

Short Course Description

This course is designed for medical specialists in all fields who work with older people as well as senior managers, medical administrators and academics. The course will address how to take a structured approach to examining medico-legal and forensic medical issues relevant to older people. Medical practitioners need a better understanding of the law, regulation and social expectations in managing their older patients.

The challenges posed by our growing population aged population include the appropriate and timely engagement of forensic medical investigative services. Current issues include the medical investigation of physical abuse and sexual offences in older people injuries, evaluation of health care delivery, as well as mental state, cognitive capacity and assessment of their capacity to engage in activities that may generate a risk of harm to others.


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