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Volume 3, Issue 1, Feb 2008

Download PDF: RAC Communique 2008-02


Welcome to the first edition of the Residential Aged Care Coronial communiqué of this New Year. We took a brief hiatus due to changes in staffing and extend our thanks to foundation managing editor Zoe Davies who has moved on to a new position. We would like to extend our thanks to the outgoing State Coroner Graeme Johnstone who was critical to the establishment of the Clinical Liaison Service and promoted the vision of prevention and communicating with the public. We welcome the new State Coroner Judge Jennifer Coate who was appointed in November 2007.

The theme for this issue has been particularly challenging and focuses on common issues created by the interface between facilities and hospitals, emergency departments, general practitioners and community services. It is well established that the multiple interfaces involved in clinical care creates discontinuity and gaps leading to duplication of services, time wasting, readmission, additional costs, dis- satified residents, families, doctors, nurses, managers and complaints.


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