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Volume 7, Issue 2, Jun 2012: Special Edition

Welcome to the third and final edition in our series focussing on transferring knowledge. As you may recall the last two editions drew on case information from other parts of the world, the ‘Office of the Chief Coroner’ Ontario, Canada. This edition is much closer to home.

We describe the experiences of staff from a selection of Public Sector Residential Aged Care Services (PSRACS) in Victoria, Australia who participated in a small pilot program on learning through networking. The majority of participants completed the entire program and we are fortunate that they kindly shared their time to make this RACC edition possible.

In another departure from our usual format we do not have any new case reports of resident deaths from the Coroners Court and the edition is a little longer. However, we believe experiences of the RACS staff reported here will motivate and assist other RACS to consider networking with other organisations to improve our practice. We profile the experiences of two of the five groups in detail.

This issue includes a short description of the RACC pilot program and concludes with tips for networking.


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