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Volume 8, Issue 3, Dec 2013

Welcome to the third and final issue of RACC for 2013. This is our 26th issue and seventh year since we were established in October 2006. Time passes by very quickly and our subscriber base continues to grow.

This year is an opportune time for our editorial team to reflect on whether we are achieving our aims and an opportunity to look to the future for the RAC Communiqué. It may seem strange that we did not do this earlier, say at the 5-year mark or wait till a little longer till our 10th year. Seven years makes perfect sense if we accept the premise that our editorial team and readers are actively involved in a relationship.

Together we share an interest and direct our energy to improving care for vulnerable older people. The connection is perhaps more obvious to fans of classic romantic comedy films who will recall Marilyn Monroe in ‘The Seven Year Itch’. The movie popularised the idea that a couple may lose interest in their marriage after 7-years. The other tragic connection is Marilyn Monroe’s untimely death was reported and investigated by the coroner.


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