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Volume 9 Issue 1 Feb 2014

In this edition:

  • EditorialCase

  • #1: Welcome back commentary: Communications Case

  • #2: I am so surprised! List of resources.Case

  • #3: Medication as required.


Welcome to the first issue of RAC Communiqué for 2014. As we explained in our previous issue we are conducting a comprehensive survey of our readers by email this year. I encourage you to complete this survey to help us make sure we deliver what you want. We expect the survey will commence in late April or early May.

As promised we have a very brief report from our interviews with senior leaders in the aged care sector asking if and how we might use contemporary media platforms with the RAC Communiqué. Our plans for collating all the RAC Communiqué issues into an old fashioned hard book, is still in the conceptual stages.

The cases we present are in diverse settings including the community, emergency department, hospital and RACS. Our theme is communication – something we all recognise as important and in which we pride ourselves on doing well but for some reason it almost always goes awry. We found many approaches to professional communication limited evidence about what is the best approach, reinforcing the view that we should not take good communication for granted.


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